Eddie Jones gives the lowdown on England's Rugby World Cup rivals

10 May 2017 03:09

England's progress into the knockout phase of the 2019 World Cup is set to hinge on clashes with France and Argentina after the heavyweight trio were matched together in Pool C.

Here, England head coach Eddie Jones gives his thoughts on the opponents who will define the group stage for the Red Rose.


"At the moment they're not a fit team but they've got big, talented ball runners. As soon as they get an offload, their speed changes from a Vauxhall Viva to a BMW M5. As soon as they get an offload the speed changes and everything comes alive. When you play against France, you've got to keep the game structured and close their offloads down, but that's hard against big, physical guys. Defensively you need to find ways of stopping that"


"It's a very similar approach that we will take for France and Argentina. Argentina are not as big or physical, but are more dexterous with their passing. They can pass the ball in and out of contact and can shift the ball wider and more quickly than the French. But they are also a very dangerous team as soon as you get into an unstructured situation."

Source: PA